First Team Physiotherapist, Millwall FC

  • ACL injury management and rehabilitation to return to play


I am a charted physiotherapist, studied and qualified in Athens, Greece. In 2014 moved in the UK where I started my professional career in the NHS and working for the community and I started my football physiotherapy career from a local club in Ipswich. I progressed through different roles and hospitals in the NHS working in Orthopedics, Respiratory (ITU-ICU) and Neurology wards. In 2015 I started as academy physiotherapist in Colchester United FC where promoted to First Team Physiotherapist in 2017. In 2019 I became Academy Head of Sports Science and Medicine for Millwall FC and last season promoted to the First Team Physiotherapist. I am also in the final year of my MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine (Football) at University of Birmingham and I have completed various courses of manual therapy, mobilisations and acupuncture treatments. I have a big interest on injury prevention and biomechanical movement analysis which can assist the players to reduce the risk of sustaining an injury.